Healthy Snacks On The Go

StrawberriesWhether it’s packing for kids lunches, preparing for that spring road trip, or keeping delicious options on hand for your long day, healthy snacks are the cornerstone of staying on track with your diet and health goals for 2013. Of course, your time and energy are precious, but  by investing some smarts at the grocery store and some effort each week, you can have several snacks on hand. The best tip for staying on top of your targets and eating healthy even on the go is to be prepared.


Once strawberries enter their season, they are frequently sold on sale or can be acquired reasonable at farmer’s markets. They are packed full of nutrient and vitamins and can also meet that “sugar hit” you’re seeking. Better for adults than for children, unless you’re on a hike or picnic and they can be easily wrapped.

Peanuts and almonds

As long as you don’t have an allergy, these are a great option for those who love that peanut taste commonly found in candy bars and satisfies though with a passion for salt. Eat them slowly and only eat 10-15 at a time. Pack them ahead of time to make sure you eat the right portion.  Almonds are also a healthy and filling option if you’re a nut fan.

Fresh Veggies (Carrots, celery)

If you plan ahead and keep these stored in packages in the fridge, they are easy to grab and go. Buy some smaller containers meant for salad dressing to bring along your favorite dip, too! Celery and carrots served raw help you meet your daily recommended vegetable amount and serve as a crisp and healthy snack, even for busy people!
Granola bars

These can be very tricky to determine exactly which ones are healthy, because there are so many options on the market. The good thing about this is that you are very likely to find a flavor you love. Go after one that packs the punch in protein- most of them time when we think we’re hungry, we’re either dehydrated or in need of protein. Keep an eye on sugar, salt and fat levels. There’s more than meets the eye with most granola bars, but there are healthy and easy options.

Buy snacking bags or small containers to make snacks on the go even easier. This makes sure you have something on hand when the craving hits you and keeps you reaching for the right portion sizes, too!

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