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    Healthcare Spending In Action

    The news has been filled with stories about the rising costs of healthcare in the last several years. During the adjustment to Obamacare, it’s expected that prices … Read More

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    Health Plan Types

    With the landscape of health insurance ever-changing, now more than ever, it is becoming more important that consumers know everything about their health coverage options … Read More

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    Rising Rates Under Obamacare

    Healthcare costs have been on a steady rise for the last several years, so it’s not really surprising that health insurance premium costs have been rising alongside … Read More

  • Money In A Vise

    What Is The Sequester? How Does It Affect You?

    Despite the immense impact it will have on American citizens, the sequestration that began March 1, 2013 has yet to capture the public’s attention at large. The sequest … Read More

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    Healthy Hearts: Lowering Your Risk For Heart Disease

    Every year, around 600,000 people die from heart disease and the estimated costs from heart disease exceed $100 billion on a yearly basis. As more statistics about obesit … Read More

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    Sleeping For Success: The Importance Of Shuteye For Your Health

    It’s a well-known fact around the world that sleeping can be incredibly important for many reasons. In today’s fast paced world where most people are juggling … Read More

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    Healthy Snacks On The Go

    Whether it’s packing for kids lunches, preparing for that spring road trip, or keeping delicious options on hand for your long day, healthy snacks are the cornersto … Read More

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    Health Savings Account Advantages And Disadvantages

    While the overall use of the health savings account is increasing, many are apprehensive about enrolling in the high deductible insurance plans that must accompany the sa … Read More